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An easy to use floatation tank that you yourself can make service on when needed. Servicefriendly. Much bigger than normal floatationtanks. Welldesigned.


About us

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About Us

Restingwell has now been selling floating devices since over ten years and have had as it's primary task to design a new user-friendly floatingtank that we started to produce in 2005.

Restingwell Spirit was made mostly for the Scandinavian market but also promoted over all of European Union. We have now  delivered floatingtanks to following countries: Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Lithuania, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.


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The idea behind the Restingwell Spirit is founded on following premises.

  • Easy to enter for your client.
  • The floatation tank must be robust and well built.
  • To use standard articles that is tough.
  • The floating tank must be easy to operate for everybody.
  • Preheated ventilation.
  • The entrance must be easy to enter that there is no problem even if you suffer from pain. (design protected in E.U.)
  • Electric connections using max 10 Amp /230V. Continuously thermostat regulated heating.
  • Easy to make service by the owner without service personal must be called upon.
  • Spare parts must be in stock for fast delivery if anything stops working.
  • To produce many tanks and therefore get lower productionprice.
  • Pricelevel must be among the best upon the European market.
  • To maintain updated information and to inform about floatation to people.