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An easy to use floatation tank that you yourself can make service on when needed. Servicefriendly. Much bigger than normal floatationtanks. Welldesigned.


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  • Research have been made now for sixty years and still is flotation almost unknowned around the world. How can that be? We will give you some answers.
  • We are specialized and narrowed the products so we are certain that we have good products.
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  • Some people say that its easier to get clients if you have a floatroom but that is unlikely since our flotationtank is gigantic inside compared to other flotationtanks on the world market.
  • Treatment in the form of floating in huge tanks of saltwater, so-called ‘floating,’ is effective for chronic stress-related pain
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  • floating is an unusually powerful tool in smoking cessation, even more so when paired with another effective treatment and reduces relapse rates dramatically. It reduces alcohol intake in borderline alcoholics, reduces phobic reactions, is effective in weight reduction among over weight subjects It reduces the symptoms of acute LSD and PCP psychosis, autism, schizophrenia and disorientation in Alzheimers patients and reduces memory loss after electroconvulsive treatment
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